Utilize the combined power of the MZ Titan modchip and MZ Titan App to get your hands on the newest tech - a fully adjustable modded controller you can reprogram at will using only your phone.

Download the MZ Titan App to your iOS or Android phone or tablet, or any Mac device with M1 chip. Connect your ModdedZone controller equipped with a MZ Titan hardware to your iOS or Android phone (tablet or M1 Mac device) via Bluetooth. And have endless options to choose from the mods and perks you can add to your ModdedZone controller to the types of profiles you choose. Stay at your peak performance!


We equipped MZ Titan App with Mods Marketplace tool - the place you’ll go to search for additional mod packs and perks. There’s never a limit on anything with the MZ Titan chip and the MZ Titan App.

We are working on designing more mods and perks on a daily basis and once they are available you can purchase them via the Mod Marketplace and add the mods to the controller yourself with just a few quick taps on your phone using our App. 


Set up your profile with as many games and modifications from the Mods Marketplace as you want so you can feel as if you've got a different controller every time you play - all in one device! Playing a lot of shooter games? Find your favorite gamepack or mod in the App to defeat your enemy with ease. There's no limit to what you can do with the power of flexibility literally in the palm of your hand.


Be free to play however you want, whenever you want - no matter how often or quickly you change your mind abbout your game. MZ Titan App is your best friend when it comes to having the most customizable tool a gamer can possibly own. Adjust your mods and perks on the fly using only your phone. It has never been more simple to use a modded controller.

Remember, this is a fully customizable modded controller! You don't have to send your controller back to us in order to add or adjust mods. You can make those adjsuatments yourself whenever you want - with just a few quick taps on your phone using MZ Titan app. That means you always have the best functionality no matter what game you're playing - even if it's several different ones all at the same time!

E-sports controllers

Take your team farther than you've ever gone before! When allowed by the rules, modified controllers are practically a one-way ticket to victory when it comes to Esports. Extra weapons, a button for healing damage, remappable paddles, interchangeable thumbsticks, MZ hair triggers and buttons, and many other innovative mods could be the difference between a triumphant win for the whole squad or a devastating loss if you don't have the ModdedZone controller in your corner!


Got a new game you're ready to dive into? All you have to do is update your MZ Titan App and your controller is good to go. There's no easier way to upgrade your gaming controller whnever you want.

Can't find what your gamer heart really desires? Have an idea for a mod we haven't created yet? Or maybe you've thought up a controller function that's entirely unique to the way you play? Whatever the case may be , we've got the skills to help you bring those dreams to life with fully custom mods designed by you and built to your exact specifications. This has never been done before by any other company! You could say we're pioneers about it. But more accurately? You could say we're the best!

The most advanced modded controllers has arrived